Extraterrestrial Yacht Security Team

Cosmic Voyager and it’s Peculiar Security Team

Once in the sun-drenched marinas of Fort Lauderdale, a luxury yacht named “Cosmic Voyager” had an unusual security team – a group of extraterrestrials! This intergalactic crew, known for their remarkable abilities, was hired to guard the yacht during the prestigious Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

The leader, Zorblax, had seven eyes, each with its own color, providing 360-degree vision. His second-in-command, Gleep, communicated through telepathy and could read the minds of approaching guests, often greeting them with their favorite songs (hummed in an otherworldly tone).

Their first challenge came when a seagull, mistaking Zorblax’s shiny antenna for a fish, tried to snatch it. The entire team scrambled to protect their leader from the bird, resulting in a chaotic but hilarious dance on the deck.

Then, there was the time Gleep accidentally read the mind of a nearby dolphin. Believing it was an intruder, he sent out a psychic alarm, causing every crew member to prepare for an underwater threat. The confusion was only resolved when the dolphin playfully jumped out of the water, winking at the embarrassed team.

The funniest incident, however, involved their encounter with a 90-foot yacht that had docked nearby. The team was on high alert, mistaking the yacht’s elaborate party lights for an alien signal. They spent the entire night communicating in ‘blinks’, only to find out it was just a lively party onboard!

Despite these misadventures, the extraterrestrial team became a beloved part of the Fort Lauderdale yachting community, known for their dedication and quirky ways of handling security on the “Cosmic Voyager.”

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Randy Long